Decoder Ring Not Required

ImageI was talking with a friend and he told me the term “women in ministry” was really code for “putting women in the pulpit”!  What?  I have never heard of such a thing.  If a woman is a Christian then she is in ministry!  This is not the time or place to argue if the egalitarian or the complementarian view is correct.  However, when a respected male leader makes such a comment some reply is warranted.

Scripture gives us many examples of women serving in ministry.  It was the women who stuck by Jesus as He died on the cross. It was the women who discovered that Jesus rose from the dead and told the disciples, and it was the women who faithfully served in the early church in partnership with the apostles and elders. The early church was radical in that it encouraged women to learn about theology and Jesus, encouraged them to serve and help build the church, and deemed women as equal image bearers of God, with distinct roles.  Where would we be without a Lydia or Lottie Moon?

Ministry to women is dynamic!  It may include worship, evangelism, missions, discipleship, or fellowship.  No matter what form it takes the purpose is always to find ways to make disciples who make disciples (Matthew 28:19-20).

When we say we want to support women in ministry you don’t need a secret decoder ring to understand what we mean.  Embrace the women in your congregations and empower them to share the Gospel, to minister to the needs of others, and to gather together in the fellowship of believers.  Women in ministry – it’s a good thing!