Leadership Advice from Shari Edwards

What is your best piece of leadership advice to another women’s ministry leader?



I teach a college course on “Women’s Ministry in the Local Church” and much of my passion for equipping the younger generation comes from lessons I’ve learned along the way. I share with them a list “Top five things I would tell my younger leadership self”:

  1. Pray more. Know God’s truth in Scripture and claim it in your life. Go to Him first with struggles, questions, complaints, and praises.
  2. Be sober and alert. The enemy is always prowling! Don’t give the enemy room to establish a stronghold.
  3. You have nothing to prove to people. Don’t try to be all things to all people and let go of trying to do “all the things.”
  4. Always keep your eyes on Jesus, wait on the Lord, and use your gifts where you are. Be aware of and love the people who are in your life right now—both younger and older.
  5. Always keep learning. None of us has it all figured out, and that’s the beauty of walking with God because we get to see what He is doing in His power!

Originally posted on LifeWay Ministry to Women. Read the full article here.

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