Sacred Holidays – A Review

sacred holidaySacred Holidays by Becky Kiser is not what I expected. It’s not a book – well, it is a book, but it’s not a chapter-by-chapter story. Sacred Holidays is organized into three parts with Part 1 discussing how to focus on less chaos and more Jesus. Honestly, that is what I thought the whole book was about and in a way it is, but not as specific as these first two chapters. Part 2 helps you examine each holiday from New Years, to the summer season, birthdays, and finally ending with Advent and Christmas. Part 3 is extra material on dealing with common struggles encountered during holidays. Personally, I think Part 3 should be required reading.

So why read Sacred Holidays? I would encourage you to read it because it isn’t a regular book! We all want less chaos and more Jesus, but to be honest reading about it never seems to change anything. Sacred Holidays takes the extra step of helping you walk through a process to reduce the stress and focus on Christ.

For example, let’s look at New Year’s since it’s coming up soon. First the author talks about new beginnings and change and provides multiple Scriptures on the topic. Then she asks ‘the questions’. These questions are asked for each holiday. “Why do you celebrate the new year? What are some ideas you’ve heard of that might make this holiday more meaningful, What has worked, What hasn’t worked, What do you want to try in the future?” Next comes the action statements, “What struggles do you need to prepare for?” This was my favorite part! She asks you to consider how to “not be THAT Christian” and how to deal with conflict, budgets, schedules, and grief.

By the time you get to the end of each holiday chapter you have reflected on the why and how of holiday celebration from a Christian worldview. You have been given opportunities to reflect on the way it has always been and how you might make changes for the future. If you follow the process with prayer and a heart open to change you will walk away from the next holiday with less chaos and more Jesus. I know this, because I just survived Thanksgiving the Scared Holidays way!

To purchase the book go to the LifeWay Website

Disclaimer: A copy of the book was provided in exchange for an independent review. Neither B&H Publishing or the author had input on the review content.

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