A Shift in the SBC


There is an interesting article  about potential changes in the SBC and the ripple effect it may have on evangelical America.  I have not come to final thoughts about the shift that is occurring in Baptist life – and there is a shift happening – so I’ll reserve comment for now.  Read the article and let me know your thoughts.

  • Do you think Dr. Patterson should have been fired or was the original decision to retire him with benefits correct?
  • Is asking women to serve in higher leadership enough or do you think there will be a push for women to assume senior pastoral or more theological teaching positions?
  • Will people of color support the SBC’s traditional conservative positions or will there be a push to move to moderate politics and theology statements?
  • Will the SBC support J.D. Geear as he moves the denomination in new cultural directions or will we see a growing division within the convention?
  • Where will women’s ministry land when the dust settles?  Will the traditional role of women’s ministry continue or will it get shuffled in the effort to raise women up in leadership throughout the church?
  • What does Scripture say that may impact how we respond to these changes?

These are a few of the ideas I’m working through as I read comments, opinion pieces, and Scripture.  What questions do you have?  What is our next step?

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