Mile Marker

I wrote the following post in 2007. I still have my mile marker journal and it lists the many times I knew the Lord had specifically directed my steps. Enjoy this trip down memory lane with me and consider starting your own mile marker.

I keep a journal of events that mark changes in my walk with Christ. I call it my “mile marker” – so I know if I am moving forward, standing still, or going backwards.

One of the things in the journal is an October 2005 entry for when I decided to call Mike Simmons my Pastor. For me it is more than just a title – it’s a position of authority. It was significant that I trusted a man enough to call him by that name.

A later entry marks the first time I was introduced as a “religious leader” in the community. It was at CrossRoads Covenant Church in DeSoto. I was humbled to be introduced to the church along with others that minister God’s Word.

I’ve even noted my first invitation to pray for a group where I was not a member.

But, not everything is positive. I also included the time I used scripture to hurt someone I love and did it publicly. I cried for hours at the realization of what I had done. On top of that, he came to me to apologize for making me upset enough to do that! Was a powerful lesson in humility and love that I will never, ever forget.

Then there is yesterday. What made it a mile-marker? I have received several phone calls and emails from people saying how they appreciate that I stood up for Christianity and even more so for not backing down when pushed. I surprised myself when I realized I was standing on the front steps of City Hall loudly proclaiming Jesus Christ is Lord! It was the first public assault on my faith and I survived the test.

These events will soon fade into my memory, but I will have this record of what happened, how the Lord met my ever need, and blessed this path He has set me on.

“But the Lord is faithful, and he will strengthen and protect you from the evil one.” 2 Thessalonians 3:3

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