What Factors May Impact Ministry?


I recently asked two groups of women to list factors that may impact the future of women’s ministry. The first group represented the millennial generation with women between 18 and 35 years old and the second group represented older generations with women 36 years and older.

It was interesting that the two groups did not agree on which factors will have the greatest impact on women’s ministry. The millennial generation was more focused on factors arising from the church including clarity of the mission and vision in the church, focus on previously taboo subjects, and home life and family issues. The older generations were more outwardly focused listing leadership opportunities and development for women, rising numbers of un-churched and de-churched, and postmodernism and relative truth as most significant.

The top five items listed by each group are listed below


  1. Clarity of the mission and vision for the church
  2. Previously taboo subjects
  3. Home life and family issues
  4. Leadership opportunities and development for women
  5. Technology and social media

Older Generations

  1. Leadership opportunities and development for women
  2. Rising numbers of unchurched and de-churched
  3. Postmodernism and relative truth
  4. Scheduling of time and resources
  5. Family dynamics such as women working outside the home, and single parenting

How can you use this information when planning for your women’s ministry? The lists give us a window into what each age group values as important. They are concerned about specific influences that may impact the way they view ministry. Ask your women this same question and you will learn about their interests and concerns. Then use that information to develop support ministries, mentoring, and outreach to share the Gospel and disciple women to be mature in their faith.

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