Philippians by Dr. Sue Edwards

4399 philippians cvr full CC.inddDr. Sue Edwards has added a new publication to her Discover Together Bible Study Series and it does not disappoint. Philippians: Discovering Joy Through Relationships is an eight-lesson, inductive study highlighting Paul’s insights on how to build authentic connections. Topics of trust, humility, self-sacrifice and generosity are covered in a straightforward approach for both beginner and seasoned Bible student.

The study guide provides a series of questions to help lead you through the material. The sidebars contain information that will take you deeper with additional quotes, Scripture references, and historical information. To get the most from the study you are encouraged to go to the Discovering Together website where Dr. Edwards provides a brief teaching video for each lesson. The videos add a lot to the study, but are not required.

“It’s our relationship with God and with others that is the greatest source of joy in our lives, and Paul shows us what that looks like in his beautiful letter to the Philippians. My prayer is that this look into God’s heart will encourage many to elevate their relational connections in a busy world that often ignores the personal.”  – Dr. Sue Edwards

I have participated in a lot of Bible studies and this is one I would recommend you not miss. It can be completed as an individual, but I suggest using a small group format. The study is well suited for great discussions and personal growth and that will happen best in a small group.

This new study will be available online starting November 27 with the study guide available now through Kregel Publications. For more information or to order the study guide go to 

Note: A complementary copy of the study was provided by the publisher.

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