Prayer Warrior

war room closet

Prayer is the foundation of the Christian life. It is the spiritual discipline that provides us with the greatest power, yet it is the most neglected!

I’ve always kept two prayer journals. One I write in more as a dialogue with God and list prayer requests and concerns.  The other is reserved for my prayer markers. My stack of rocks, as it were, to mark a significant event.  I’m thinking I need to add something to my process.  These are good, but there needs to be more. I need to be on my knees every day in prayerful devotion to God. I need to be engaged in the battle!

When was the last time you spent an hour in prayer? Who do you pray for every day? Do you have a place where you can be alone with God undistracted by the activity of our busy lives? Do you have a prayer closet?  Would someone look at your prayer life and call you a warrior? We make time for the things that are important to us. I hope you find time to make prayer a priority in your life.

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