Is Women’s Ministry Superficial?

womens tea

I recently met with Celeste Hamaker, Co-Director of the Dallas WMU program.  Celeste is devoted to the mission and vision of WMU just as I am to the mission and vision of Women’s Ministry.  She shared with me her heart for women and missions and I told her of my desire to grow more women on mission.  After about fifteen minutes she looked at me and said, “You know, we are really saying the same thing.”  and I agreed.  We need ministry to and by women no matter what we call it.

Women’s Ministry takes on many forms depending on the needs of the women it serves. As an institution, it has been evolving over the past fifty years.  Many women’s ministries have responded to the outcry by young women for change, but the stereotypes have not always changed accordingly, and we are losing a generation of women.

Our  20-somethings are largely absent from women’s ministry. Even when change is happening in their churches, many young women persist in the belief that all women’s ministries are inherently superficial.  Many have formed new groups thinking it will meet perceived needs.  What they are beginning to discover, however, is that we need each other.  Yes, young women want something different in form from older women, but the function is still very much the same.  Real community and connection is important for all women and a desire for deeper theological understanding crosses all ages.

Women’s ministry is a vibrant,  theologically driven opportunity for women to pour into each others lives.  To help you develop relevant programs and ministries there will be a Women’s Leadership Program on February 21, 2015 as a part of the DBA Education and Small Group Conference.  Please make plans now to attend and to bring your women’s leadership with you.  This will be a great opportunity to learn what Women’s Ministry is about and how to share it with women of all ages.  There will be a special emphasis on how to teach Bible studies through Sunday school, small groups and women’s studies.  I look forward to seeing you there!

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