SBTC Women in Ministry Forum



This SBTC Women in Ministry Forum, “Where Am I?” will help you determine exactly where you are in your Christian life.  It will offer both training and encouragement – to help keep you going in the fast-paced, hectic life you lead! 

They will have two guest speakers.  One is Carol Kent. If you know anything about – or have heard anything about – Carol Kent, you will agree that she is well qualified to talk about the Christian life – and can answer the question, “Where Am I?

Shirley Moses is a former SBTC Women’s Consultant.  She currently speaks across the country and is in the process of writing a new book – which will be available during this Forum.  You will enjoy hearing her speak and offer her unique answers to “Where Am I?”    

New this year…..Tea Talk!   In the past, they had coffee time Friday evening so you could get to know each other and the speakers.  This year, they are changing it up a bit to have Tea Talk – and introduce you to a new way to relate to others in your neighborhood.  Plan to stay and have tea!

You will leave this Forum with the tools you need to answer the question, “Where Am I?” in your own life and how to “keep up the good work which the Lord has begun in you” 

Come be blessed beyond your wildest imagination!

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