Those of us in ministry know it’s important to rest.  jesus gave us that example in       when he separated Himself from the disciples for a time of solitude and reflective prayer.  Here are some suggestions for taking care of yourself so you are able to stay strong in your service.

1. Turn off technology.  You need to unplug from the 24-7 nature of media and communication.  Find a day, or a few hours, when you can turn off the computers, cell phone, tablets, televisions, and mp3 players.

2. Recharge with or without other people. Extroverts recharge their batteries when they are with others while introverts need time alone.  Do what recharges your batteries whether it’s going out with friends or curling up with a good book.

3. Get away from the office.  A change of scenery is often necessary to get us to stop thinking about the work at hand. 

4. Do something fun.  Serving is important, but a one dimensional person does not have a lot to give.  Find something you enjoy and expand your horizons.  

5. Build relationships.  People serving in ministry are often isolated because of the confidential nature of the work, the crazy hours, and needs of their family.  Seek out one or two people, who do not attend your church, that can share life with you.

What is your favorite way to relax when the world gets a little busy for you?



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